About The South African Association for Counsellors

Thank you for your interest in the South African Association for Counsellors (SAAC). SAAC is one of South Africa’s largest Registration body for Counsellors, Pastors, Chaplains, Life Coaches and Facilitators/Mentors. SAAC serves a crucial role in advocating and advancing the profession of Counselling, Pastoral, Chaplaincy, Life Coaching and Facilitator / Mentoring.

We are a professional incorporated body representing Counsellors, Trauma de briefers, Pastoral Counsellors, Life style Coaches, Pastors, Chaplains and Facilitators/Mentors who work in structured and supervised environments including, but not limited to private Wellness or Counselling Centre’s or government institutions, schools, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) including Faith Based, Community Based and Not-for-Profit Organizations, the South African Police Service, Chaplaincies, Crisis Centre’s, Counselling Call Centre’s, Hospitals, Clinics and Support Agencies, Sports Centre’s, Education and Training facilities, Health and Emergency services and facilities.

There is vast need to regulate the Counselling profession nationally in order to ensure that Counsellors know their scope of practice, behave ethically in a Counselling context, conform to minimum standards, know when to refer clients and understand the consequences for clients if Counsellors are inadequately trained or overstep their scope of practice.” “Scope of Practice” refers to the boundaries within which the Counsellor operates without referral as defined by own work context.