Welcome to The South African Association for Counsellors website. You may be here looking for an Association that will best meet your needs. You are all in the right place. We are a professional incorporated body representing Counsellors, Chaplains, Pastors, Life Coaches, Moderators, Assessor’s, Facilitator’s, Mentors and many more throughout South Africa.

The South African Association for Counsellors [SAAC] is a nationally recognized, independent, self-regulated, non-profit organization registered in accordance with the National Corporate Registry of South Africa. The Association is governed by a National Board of Directors which is elected by its members from all regions across South Africa. A nationally recognized professional body plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency and maintaining high standards within the counseling profession.

Registration of all above mentioned with a professional body will provide a consistent basis for evaluating and regulating counselling and will ensure greater access to counselling services. The South African Association for Counsellors identified accredited National and International training providers to enable counsellors to gain accredited and applicable qualifications. Our members work in many diverse fields of education, employment, career development, social work, business, industry, mental health, public service agencies, government and private practice.

The SAAC has an established regulatory framework for their member that is built on the foundations of competency and compliance in both registration and discipline. We are dedicated to the promotion of public confidence and trust in the counselling profession. SAAC is committed to fulfilling its vision and mission to enhance, encourage and recognize development of counselling profession in and to support and regulate accreditation of counsellors, counselling trainings and counselling services throughout South Africa. SAAC provides a platform for community and workplace based professionals who operate in various structured and supervised settings such as to community or workplace-based, informal sector who serve in all types of Counsellors, Life Coaches, Chaplains, Pastors, Facilitator’s and Mentors.