Membership at The South African Association for Counsellors provides a para-professional
standing and status to Counsellors, Chaplains, Pastors, Life Couches, Mentors, and Facilitators who
work in the informal sector on primary health care level. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be applied to prospective members who want to apply for the recognition of informal and nonformal learning and work experience.

A registration certificate issued for each year of registration must be displayed in the consultation
office of the Counsellor, Chaplain, Pastor, Life Coach and Mentor. A membership card to carry in
one’s wallet is also issued. A constitution and ethical code will be made available to each registered member. This will provide a guideline for practice. Membership is per category related to level of
academic/professional training and members may upgrade by following a lifelong learning

Annual membership renewal depends on the following criteria of good standing:

  •  Membership renewal fees paid up
  • PD training is up to date
  •  Ethical integrity
  • Acceptable professional performance
  • Good business conduct

Prospective members are required to complete the Quick Evaluation Form and pay the evaluation
fee, followed by completing the pro-forma SAAC application form which can be obtained from the
SAAC office. Candidates, who do not possess accredited and applicable qualifications, may apply for membership if they have good reason to believe that they may qualify in terms of professional
competence and or counselling experience. A RPL panel will assess the evidence against an
accredited and applicable qualification and make a recommendation for membership to the Board
in terms of the SAAC RPL policy. RPL application forms can be obtained from the SAAC office.